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Published by admin11 月 15,2018

Advantages Of Integrated Solar Street Light

Advantages Of integrated solar street light   More advantages of integrated led solar street light light:     1. Integrated solar street light Easy to install: no wiring, wall installation and high-pole installation, led solar street light no need to consume a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources.   2. Less investment: all in one solar led street light with long-term benefit, easy route, no maintenance costs, do not generate expensive electricity bills.   3. safety and good performance: integrated led solar street light Stable voltage and reliable operation, no accidents such as electric shock, fire, etc.    4. Solar street light led Energy saving and environmental protection: Providing electrical energy by solar photovoltaic conversion, green and Inexhaustible, no pollution, no noise, radiation-free, in summary, the safety of solar lighting is no hidden danger, energy saving and no consumption.   5. Led solar street light all in o...

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Published by admin5 月 29,2018

How to handle the LED lighting design for club

How to handle the LED lighting design for club   Club is introducted into the mainland from HongKong in the 90's, now has become a beautiful landscape in street. Leisure club design from the initial imitation to the unique characteristics of the hall, and now to the multi-functional luxury club.With development of many years , leisure club design has gradually matured. The lighting as the main part of leisure club to create atmosphere and more and more people pay more attention, its unique design has opened up a new space for the lighting industry.   In the leisure club only choose one kind of lighting, the application of one kind of lighting mode is not enough. Lighting design in the club design occupies an important position, it is necessary to achieve the lighting function of the illumination requirements, but also to meet the artistic requirements of the decoration. General club will use a lot of functional lighting, but the  high-level clubs would like to use lighting...

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The super thin LED Panel is the best representative of en...

The super thin LED Panel is the best representative of energy saving LED   It has not only the super thin board, but also do well at saving energy. Long life time, no radiation, high luminance. The super thin lens board LED is the best choice for office & home. However,there are many brands of super thin LED in the market.   How do we know which one is good quality? First,we can judge from the LED body. The super thin LED has the face plate cling with the rear cover. It is seal. So it can realize the damp proof, insect free, water proof in this way. The super thin LED’s face plate is normally use the high quality metal housing,has long lifetime.But for bad quality super thin LED. They do have face plate and LED body to be the integration. Only the face plate is metal, the LED body is plastic. This kind of LED has lower weight. But with bad heat dissipation performance. And a shorter lifetime.     Secondly,the material of super thin LED is very important.The ...

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Published by admin5 月 03,2018

KEOU led panel light supplier- A busy year 2017 is over, ...

KEOU led panel light supplier- A busy year 2017 is over, and the year 2018 is coming with full of expectation.   On 20th Jan, Guangzhou KEOU Led panel light factory held the 2018 New Year Party in Baiyun JuHui Fang Music restaurant, with theme of HAND IN HAND, TO GET WIN-WIN SITUATION AND COMMON PROSPERITY.   More than 300 KEOU led panel light supplier family's  members and guests get together here to celebrate the the achievements of the past year and the arrival of the hopeful new year.   KEOU LED panel Light supplier achievements come from the vision of the leadership, and their careful planning, and correct guidance. Also the efforts of employees in various departments. They are dedicated, diligent, and responsible, united as one.  Make KEOU to step to a higher level and height. So we has awarded awards to our outstanding management cadres and outstanding employees.   With such an honour, the outstanding employees take over the recognition from KEOU, with one...

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