How to handle the LED lighting design for club

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How to handle the LED lighting design for club


Club is introducted into the mainland from HongKong in the 90's, now has become a beautiful landscape in street. Leisure club design from the initial imitation to the unique characteristics of the hall, and now to the multi-functional luxury club.With development of many years , leisure club design has gradually matured. The lighting as the main part of leisure club to create atmosphere and more and more people pay more attention, its unique design has opened up a new space for the lighting industry.


In the leisure club only choose one kind of lighting, the application of one kind of lighting mode is not enough. Lighting design in the club design occupies an important position, it is necessary to achieve the lighting function of the illumination requirements, but also to meet the artistic requirements of the decoration. General club will use a lot of functional lighting, but the  high-level clubs would like to use lighting with functional and artistic combination,what is more, in some important rooms also use pure art lighting.


The light of the club will reflect all the aesthetic elements of the room, including space, color, texture and so on. Only through the light, can produce visual effects. Clubs can use indoor lighting to create the atmosphere of the entire space, emphasizing the elegant style, creating the desired perfect effect.


Leisure club lighting has many kind,such as top category of lamps, wall lamps, portable lamps. The top class lights have ceiling, chandeliers, inlaid lights, scanning lights, concave fog lights, soft lights and luminous ceilings and other types. For example, some of the top of the leisure club lighting and flat top mirror combination, will become active and light. Wall lamps have wall lamps, window lights, canopies, dome lights and other types, astigmatism mostly indirect or diffuse lighting. Light is more gentle than the top class of lamps, local lighting gives a quiet, fresh feeling, easy to express the special artistic effect. Portable lamps are lamps that are not fixedly positioned at a certain location and can be adjusted according to their needs. For example, floor lamps and table lamps are often used in areas such as hospitality and rest areas. "Lighting modeling and timber, can reflect a certain style.


Section Ou lighting is to make the light up and down, about the same luminous flux, this light without directional lighting, balanced and soft, to give people a quiet, comfortable feeling. The main method of diffuse lighting is the use of opaque semi-transparent frosted glass opaque glass plexiglass lamp, usually used in the hall, channel, yard, courtyard and other places. Semi-indirect lighting means that about 60% of the light is illuminated upwardly on the ceiling or on the wall, and only a small amount of soft, indirect light is illuminated on the illuminated object, and a small portion of the light passes through the diffuse, Do decorative lighting. Indirect lighting is a way in which 90% of the light is illuminated to the top or the wall, relying entirely on the light that is reflected back. Indirect lighting is very soft, very few projection, the eye does not produce stimulation, can make the ceiling and wall feel higher. "


The latest research shows that the global LED market in 2016 output value reached 1.48 billion US dollars, 3.4% annual growth .2017 Looking to the future, LED market competition is still fierce, manufacturers will accelerate the transfer to a small pitch display, infrared and ultraviolet LED and other markets to estimate the global LED market output in 2017 will reach 15.4 billion US dollars, the annual growth rate of 4% .LED market in 2016 global output growth rate is not high, but the overall industry has undergone tremendous changes. LED chip supply tight, making LED chips and packaging devices, the first time in five years prices.


As for the downstream LED lighting products, there is no small price increases, mainly due to reflect the raw materials, especially copper, aluminum and other bulk metal raw material prices in the second half of this year, rising costs, making LED lighting manufacturers price costs. The real profit of the manufacturer is limited, and most LED manufacturers are actively considering the transition strategy to accelerate into the new market.




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