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Led solar street light factory

New arrival LED Solar Street Light Factory


This is LED integrated led solar street light.

Led solar street light

1. Flexible performance: Light-operated + Human induction

Led solar street light factory

2. Intelligent: Daytime will automatic turn off light, Nightfall, the light start slight lighting, when people approaching will start brighter lighting, not need to wiring, Zero electricity bill.

3. Import LED Chip, energy conservation and environment protection, High Color Rendering Index, low energy-consumption, Zero pollution, Long lifetime

4. Polycrystalline solar panel, Improve battery charging efficiency, outdoor lighting, waterproof and Sunscreen

Led solar street light factory

5. Anti UV+ABS+PC Shell, waterproof, anti corrosion, effective heat radiation, long lifetime

6. Use Road photoelectric PC Lens Design, Bat wing light distribution, meet the pavement irradiation requirement.

7. Waterproof IP65 Rating

8. Radar induction, light-operated

9. Screw mounting, simple and quick installation, high-pole installation and Wall installation, save much money and worries

10. Usage: Campus, city square, Garden, Road, village etc.

Led solar street light factory


Now led me introduce for you, how this product work and be installed.


First Installation:

Open the switch on the street light and check if the light can work normal.

Install the street light to the holder, adjust the angle, twist the screw

Led solar street light

Second, How it works:

During daytime, the light is off and in charging mode.

After nightfall, the light start lighting mode through the solar panel sensor.

Led solar street light

When people approaching the radar sensor makes the light be brighter for 15 seconds and then turn to slight lighting mode, waiting for next sensor instruction.


The slight lighting will keep for whole night till drawn, then in daytime, it off again, working in this way day and night.

Led solar street light

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