See you at the Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center from June 9th to 12th.

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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Location:China Import and Export Fair Complex

Time:June 9-12th 2024

Booth :10.3 F30

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is one of the largest and most influential professional lighting exhibitions in China, attracting lighting industry professionals from around the world to visit and exchange ideas every year. The exhibition showcases the latest lighting technologies, products, and solutions, covering various fields such as indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, and smart lighting.

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition provides a platform for exhibitors and visitors to communicate and collaborate, showcasing cutting-edge lighting design concepts and technological innovations, promoting exchanges and cooperation within the industry. The exhibition also hosts various professional forums, seminars, and activities, providing opportunities for industry professionals to learn and share knowledge.

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition attracts thousands of well-known companies and tens of thousands of domestic and international professional visitors each year. The exhibition's scale and influence continue to expand, making it an important event in the lighting industry and playing a positive role in promoting industry development and innovation.

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2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

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